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May 2012 Newsletter

Educational Seminar

This seminar was held at Bruntsfield Links on Tuesday 17th April. It was ultimately attended by 24 members and guests. Both presentations by Gary Pearce and Andy Poulton are available from the HQ library (ref 1127). Our thanks of course to Bruntsfield Links for allowing us to host the event within their clubhouse. Alan Feltham, the new Secretary, made us most welcome.

Spring Meeting

Some twenty four brave souls attended Montrose on what began as a horrific day but later moderated to one which was just hellish for golf. As advised the day began with a presentation by Jamie Abbott of Intelligent Golf whose presentation certainly intrigued those present. Never one(s) to miss an opportunity your Secretary and Captain immediately coerced Jamie into making a fuller presentation at Gleneagles in September.

Prizes went to the following;

Scratch Keith Nicholson, 74
3rd place; Ian Murchieson, 76
Runner Up; Bernard Flockhart, 76 (BB9)
Winner; Eddie Comerford, 71

Alan Feltham began his Scottish GCMA career with the shortest drive of the day. (Don’t ask). (But he did prove he will be an asset to the Region by being able to laugh about it).

Several players commented on the tremendous course and expressed wishes to return when golf would be possible!

As advised the Fairway Credit qualifier will be held at Murrayshall on 29th May.

North Area Spring Meeting.

This was held on a glorious golfing day at Aboyne on Thursday 3rd May. The Area is to be complimented on achieving such a high turnout at this event. It was also evident that there is a high incidence of lady secretaries in the area ably led by the host Secretary Marian Ferries. ‘Ably’ is perhaps the wrong word as Marian was sporting a broken wrist, incurred whilst playing darts. (Don’t ask). The evergreen John Ramage was in attendance although not golfing.

The golf was preceded by a presentation on the imminent changes to pension legislation. Watch out, the clock is ticking!

Prizes (generously donated by Fairway Credit) went to the following;

Best Lady; Debbie Pern
3rd Gent; Iain Ednie
2nd Gent; Bill Crighton
Winner; Alan Donald

This match was held over the Luffness New course and we were made most welcome by Tony Yeates and Fiona Verth and their staff. The club generously allowed us to play from their back markers and the result was a creditable draw at 5 points each. We do however get the feeling that BIGGA are starting to feel sorry for us in this match with our dismal record of wins.

Spring Seminar – Murrayshall Tuesday 29th May 2012

08.00 – 09.00 Registration – Coffee, Tea and a Bacon Roll

09.00 – 09.30 Welcome by Captain Barry Knowles and an invite to our sponsors to give a five minute reminder to the membership of the services available to them from their respective organisations.

09.30 – 10.15 Presenter – Bill Lawlor, Technical Director Xact Group
Subject: Principles of risk assessment and how these apply to Golf Clubs.
Risk assessments as applied to those working in the Club i.e. Clubhouse, Kitchen, Proshop and Greenkeeping activities will be discussed as will risk assessments for those using the Course and how the recent Niddry Castle incident impacts on these.

10.15 – 11.00 Bryan Frazer – Associate of Chip and Pin Solutions Ltd
Bryan works predominantly with golf clubs and their retained professionals looking at opportunities to review existing, or introduce new card, payment facilities. To date he has been able to help over 200 golf clubs identify savings or install new card payment facilities. He can identify savings from viewing a recent merchant statement and if any members would like him to do this prior to the meeting then please email or fax your statement to or 0845 900 2760 and he will normally respond within 24 hours. If you any have questions then please call him on 07921 521154 . There is no obligation to proceed and it gives every golf club manager the peace of mind that this is another area of expense that has been reviewed.

11.00 – 11.15 Comfort break

11.15 – 12.00 Jay Dobson, Regional Turfgrass Agronomist, STRI Scotland, will introduce ‘The STRI Programme – The New Agronomy.’ The presentation will show how agronomy has changed over the years, and how it is now much more focused on both the agronomic and playability factors for golf greens. It will also show how Golf Club Managers can employ this information to their advantage in giving a much clearer representation of current standards and how they can be improved.

12.00 – 12.30 Chris Spencer and Kevin Fish from the Scottish Golf Education Partnership will provide an overview of the Management Development Programme.

12.30 – 13.00 General question and answer session on any subject

13.00 – 14.00 Soup and sandwich lunch and networking

14.00 Courtesy golf on the Murrayshall Championship course to be followed by a small prizegiving. Prizes are being provided by Fairway Credit and the top three serving secretaries will represent Scotland in the Fairway Credit Finals later in the year. We have been given space for forty golfers so it will be first come, first served. A tee time reservation notice will be available at our seminar reception.

Members are reminded that guests from their club who are involved in the administration of their club will be most welcome to attend. I must say that having recently visited Murrayshall the value for money for food and beverage is excellent so don’t necessarily tell your spouse that you will be home for tea.

Regional Website

Progress is slow and in the interim photos of recent matches will be copied out to members via the email system.

General Note

• Members will no doubt remember my continual moans regarding communication problems over the last while. I feel it my duty therefore to advise the membership of the solution to MY problem. Many times members and friends have told me that they had left a message on my answering machine and I had not returned their calls or worse, when I berated them for not replying to some correspondence. The clue was an American voice!

At home I have been a SKY subscriber for some sixteen months. What I did not know (as I never asked for it) was that I had a ‘voice mail account’ with SKY. So what, you may ask? Well the answer is simple; If a caller called my home line when I was not available and the phone went unanswered, after four rings my own answering machine clicked in and MY voice would ask you to leave a message. This would of course be answered. If however my phone was engaged when someone called it would go the SKY voicemail and remain unanswered. These messages only remain available for a week so, in ignorance they were unanswered and will now remain so for ever. It was simple to suspend the voice mail so henceforth you will only get my voice, and an answer! Check it out.

• Members may or may not be aware that we operate a ‘locum’ service within the Association which allows clubs to cater for secretarial absences through (perhaps) illness etc. This service can be provided by retired or unattached secretaries. Our present Regional Captain for instances is particularly qualified in the area of auditor and stocktaker. If anyone has such a requirement please contact me in the first instance.

Allan Osborne
Regional Secretary

Return Slip

Golf Club Managers’ Association
Spring Seminar
Murrayshall Tuesday 29th May 2012

I/we________________________________________________________ shall attend the seminar and enclose my cheque payable to the GCMA Scottish Region for the sum of_________________ (£30 per person.) I/we intend/do not intend to play golf.

Please delete as applicable and return to;

W Allan Osborne, Stansted, 9 Newland Avenue, Bathgate, West Lothian, EH48 1EE

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