GCMA Scotland

March 2013 newsletter.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held at Haggs Castle Golf Club on Thursday 21st February 2013.  It was attended by 32 regional members with 37 attending the dinner which followed.  Particular points to note from the meeting were;


  • The Region ran at a loss of £1380 in the last fiscal year.  This was principally due to a reduction in sponsorship income and regional fees.  Your committee are making efforts to induce more sponsorship and have already secured a change to HQ procedure regarding the collection of regional fees.  This should go some way to redressing the problems.  In discussion at the AGM it was proposed and accepted that the regional fees be reset to £20 for an inpost member and that the fee for a retired or unattached member remain at £5.  The timing of this decision means that the increase shall not come into effect until 2014.  It was noted that this was the first increase in at least seven years!
  • Both investment bonds were performing such that the Association could expect the predicted returns.

Regional Committee.

       The regional committee elected on the night was;

  • Captain Alan Donald Inverurie GC
  • Vice Captain Ian Neil Strathaven GC
  • Ex Officio Barry Knowles Monktonhall GC
  • Bernadette Giefer Mortonhall GC
  • Keith Nicholson Baberton GC
  • Alasdair MacGregor Newmachar GC
  • Lachlan McIntosh Army Officers Golf Society
  • Allan Osborne Regional Secretary
  • There were no nominations at the meeting for the slots vacated by the retiral of Chris Spencer and Donald Wilson however, subsequent to the meeting, Messrs. Alan Feltham of Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society and Tom Cummings of Kirkintilloch GC stepped forward.  

      Contact details of the committee can be found under the Regional Organisation tab on the regional website.

  • Barry Knowles was also confirmed as the regional representative at National Committee.

Cost of regional dinners.

  • Committee were requested to review the spiraling cost of dinners at regional events.  Particular concern was raised regarding the inclusion of the provision of wine when many members were either tee total or driving.  Committee undertook to review the situation.

Calendar of Events.

  • The complete calendar of events for 2013 is detailed under the Dairy section of the regional website.
  • Members are advised that as the first regional match is now only two months away the selection of the teams is now imminent.  We would therefore ask that any remaining intimations of interest be returned via the regional website by Friday 22nd March.
  • We would however also point out that members are welcome to attend future golfing events without having made an advance intimation at this time.
  • It is the intention that all future returns (where possible) be made via the regional website by completing the online forms which will be made available.  This will save the members postage and (hopefully) make things easier.  Those members without computer access shall of course continue to receive and return paperwork by surface mail.
  • The option of paying online for participation is also being offered.  Rather than set up paypal accounts or similar which cost money, anyone with Direct Banking can contact the Regional Secretary and obtain details of the Regions bank account.  Transfers made in this way are free.

Spring Seminar.

The Spring Seminar which shall be held at Murrayshall again this year shall have the following topics;

  • Club Systems update
  • Golf Club Rewards Scheme
  • Earth Fuel Scotland
  • Employment Law

Members should note that buggies for the golf over the championship course have been included in the competitive seminar pricing.  No more sinking hearts as you turn up the hill around the 11th hole!!


Regional Website.

We hope that you are using the site and that some, at least, of the initial teething problems have been resolved.  We would really appreciate if you could go on and update your personal details on the site.  This ensures up to date contact details.  Additionally there has been very little response to the request for photographs of your clubs for inclusion on the home page of the site.  This is an opportunity for free advertising as the site can be accessed by anyone worldwide!  Come on, send them in.


Fairway Credit.

Hilda Simpson has now ridden off into the sunset of retirement.  We have all wished her well and hopefully will see her as a guest at regional events.  Hilda's replacement is James van Beusekom and his contact details are listed under our About us/ Links tab on the regional website.  Having been recently introduced to James, I genuinely feel that the historic relationship between Fairway Credit and our Association shall continue.  We shall have to turn him into a golfer however!


W Allan Osborne

Regional Secretary

GCMA Scottish Region


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