GCMA Scotland

2014 Match between Scottish Region and ELPC

This match was held at Baberton Golf Club on Thursday 7th August 2014.

As a result of the (now) traditional series of withdrawals and replacements, the ELPC took to the field with a full compliment of players whilst the GCMA presented two players short.  As is the custom the non contested match was conceded and the ELPC began the day with a one point lead.

Perhaps this led to some complacancy in these usually tight fought matches for despite the ELPC racing into an immedaite two nil lead, the Scottish Regional team rallied in the middle order and ran out winners by six matches to four.  The individual results are shown below.

Following an excellent meal the ELPC President Tom Paterson graciously handed over the (stand in) trophy to the Regional Captain for the day Barry Knowles.  After agreement was reached not to have the table candle engraved with the result, both teams departed on the promise to re-engage again next year.

GCMA  v E & L Past Captains
   Player                 Club         Result Player                   Club
1                                               0 1   Ian Ritchie               Secretary
                                                        Ian Taylor                Royal Burgess
2 Rory Davidson       Dunbar         0 1   Brian Gorman          Liberton
  John Masterton      Liberton               Douglas Armstrong   Dunbar
3 John Doyle            Old Ranfurly  1 0  Jim Adair                 Lothianburn
  Ian Murchison        Retired                Ian Ogilvie               Duddingston
4 David Landsburgh  Muckhart      1 0   Bob Dow                  Linlithgow
  Ronald Graham      Retired                George Edington       Prestonfield
5 Gerry Flannigan     Bathgate      1 0   Jim Dees                  Tantallon
  Tom Cummings      Kirkintilloch         Brian Thain               Bathgate
6 Bernard Flockhart  Retired         0 1  Jim Mansell               Bass Rock
  David Cooper         Retired                Bruce MacFarlane      Linlithgow
7 Barry Knowles       Musselburgh 1 0   Ian McDonald            Kingsknowe
  Scott Miller            Retired                Ross Buchan             West Linton
8 Allan Osborne       Regional Sec. 1 0 John Lockhart            Bathgate
  Alasdair Miller       Retired                 Bill Lamb                  Baberton
9 Tom Kelly            Unattached     1 0  Andrew Douglas        Haddington
  Tom Hepburn       Retired                  Bob Makin                Kilspindie
10 Dominic Macari  Unattached     0 1   Tom Paterson          President
  Stephen Anthony  Gullane                  Brian Crystal            Baberton
                                       Result 6 4

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